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Pitch Interactive, Inc.
304 12th Street Ste 4B
Oakland, CA 94607

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Nature of Inquiry

Hi there! We’re happy that you’re interested in working with us. Every project we do is unique and in order for us to help you as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we have a few upfront questions that we ask everyone we work with. The more details you provide, the more specific our response and the quicker we can help you.

  • Purpose - Give us some insight into your project. What is the message of this project?
  • Data - Do you have a sample you can share? If not, give us a sense of the kind of data you have and where it’s sourced from.
  • Timeline - Do you have a timeline in mind for start and completion dates?
  • Medium - Is this something you envision being print, web-based, interactive, a physical installation, a book cover design, hologram, etc.?