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Holiday Card 2014
Type of Work

A small, print visualization made for our friends sharing our favorite places in our new neighborhood while trying to learn a little bit about theirs.

This year's holiday card mapped out the best locations for brews and food surrounding our new studio in Oakland and those of our friends and colleagues. We used FourSquare data to find the top rated places, then hand picked and compiled a list of 8 must go-to spots within a 1 mile radius of the recipient's home or studio.

The center point of each visualization represents 'home base' while larger, layered circles represent the bar or restaurant. The circle size is defined by an index we created weighing popularity (number of people who visited), rating, price tier, and distance from the home or studio. Each addressee received a card with our map overlaid by theirs on the cover while inside each individual map is broken out and annotated.