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Brexit Brexit Brexit
Google News Lab
Type of Work
Interactive Data Visualization, VR
We worked with Google News Lab and Google Trends data to create a web based interactive tool that allows people to explore the EU and their top questions regarding the UK’s potential exit from the EU. The user can either hover over the different countries displayed on the map and click to view the top questions or use the menu to select a listed country to reveal the top questions.

This interactive tool was also turned into an immersive VR data visualization piece made specifically for Google Cardboard. We worked with Michael Chang who lead the design and implementation of the project. Using the same data, the VR experience allows you to look around the environment using motion and directional pause to indicate selection of a country shown on the map of the EU. Upon selection you can then view the top asked question in that country and continue moving around the map highlighting the various countries as you move through exploring the top asked questions. You can read about the things we all learned during the process of making a VR project here.