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Data Visualization Engineer

As an engineer at Pitch you will support the development of narrative-driven interactive data visualizations implemented across different mediums from web to mobile to physical installations. Your day-to-day will consist of munging data, creative coding, and problem-solving.

Our process blends engineering and design so expect to actively engage both sides of your brain. You’ll be thinking about creating visual elements through code, leveraging different APIs, applying design principles, building effective user interfaces, and developing data-driven stories.

We're looking for someone who has demonstrative experience with front-end web technologies. Much of our current work is web-based so it’s pretty important that you have experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SVG, React, D3 and Canvas. If you’ve got a portfolio or GitHub repositories, we’d love to to take a peek. A few projects demonstrating a passion and skill for 3D is a big plus.

You should also know your way around at least one back-end language such as Node.js or Python.

Bonus points if you have experience in the data viz field but if not, you should at least know what you’re getting yourself into and be excited about it.

Interaction and Data Visualization Designer:
Contract-to-Hire Position

We’re seeking a passionate and multi-faceted designer with a strong portfolio that demonstrates experience across a variety of commercial and personal projects. We are looking for someone with a background in UI and UX design and a strong command of communication design. You should be skilled in Illustrator and XD (or Sketch or related) toolsets.

You should possess solid communication skills, have the ability to work at various stages of a project, produce multiple concept options for a design concept review, and be able to speak to your design decisions in a client meeting setting. It is critical that you are flexible, adaptable and able to work within an agile and tightly-knit team.

You will be involved within all aspects of the creative process from data analysis, development, and Q&A. You will work closely with every member of the team on any given project including the Creative Director, Engineer, Project Manager and the client.

Bonus points for experience with code and working specifically in data visualization projects.

How to Apply

Think you’re a good fit?

Send along your resume to, indicate which position you’re applying for in the subject line and tell us what your favorite non-Pitch Interactive data visualization is and why.